Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year

The New Year is upon us. Its promises, expectations, mysteries and uncertainties all intact it comes upon us in a time when the real estate market is a big enigma to everyone. I have confidence that 2009 will be the upward trend that we hope it will be for the rest of the country. But here in Houston, we have only paused a little. We have one of the most vibrant economies in the country. Our real estate market has been strong. Should I say the positive feature is that we have less of a slow down in our home sales than the rest of the country!! So here we are poised to enter a new year and I move forward with brimming hope that I can help many more people have a fun filled real estate transaction (be it buying or selling). This is my first blog entry, thus starting with my hopes and aspirations. I will have more pointers, news, views and surprises as the days go along.

Happy NEW YEAR to everyone!!!!